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Andrey was born in 1966 in Krasnodar.

In present he lives and works in St.Petersburg.




1988-1993 Degree (BA) in Monumental Painting (Degree Show Prize) Mukhina Academy of Applied Arts, St Petersburg, Russia 


1986-1987 State Academy of Cinematography, Department of Film Design, Moscow a year of study


1980-1984 Diploma in Theatre Design, Krasnodar College of Art, Krasnodar, Russia






  • Russian Union of Artists since 1994

  • President's Young Artist Stipend 1994

  • Resident, 'Moscow-Berlin' festilav, 1995, Berlin Academy of Art

  • ZGG  Award to mount exhibition 2003, Berlin

  • Pollock-Krasner found, grant 2005

  • Ford foundation grant, “Antarctic mission” project, 2005

  • International residency at VASL, Karachi, Pakistan, February 2006

  • International Artist’s Workshop “Babylon Dream”, St.Petersburg, July 2006   

  • International Artist’s symposium & exhibition,”Nord Art” festival, Budelsdorf, Germany, May 2008, 2009, 2010

  • International public-art festival “ArtBat”, Almaty,Kazakhstan, May 2011 

  • Residency & symposium, Tokomak, Suomenlinna, Finland, July 2012


  Solo Exhibitions  


  • 2020     “The Hybrid World”, Kunsthalle N7, St.Petersburg

  • 2019      “MONO/CHROM “, Marina Gisich gallery, St.Petersburg

  • 2016     “Continuous method”, Navicula Artis gallery, St Petersburg

  • 2015      “Patria est, ubicumque est bene”, Luda gallery, St. Petersburg

  • 2014      "Leningradskaya", gallery "Ultramarine", St. Petersburg 

  • 2013      "We are all the tourists, a little..», Vostok Gallery, Stockholm 

  • 2011      “Sector of the Tenth”, ALGallery, St.Peterburg

  • 2011      “So far, so close” city exhibition hall “Manege”, St.Petersburg

  • 2011      “Oasis”, gallery “Moderniat”, St.Petersburg

  • 2010      “Gotterdammerung”, gallery “Atelje 2”, Moskva

  • 2010      “UFO 2”, “Erarta” museum,  St.Peterburg

  • 2009      “Andrei Rudyev” Matiss-club gallery, St. Petersburg

  • 2009      “I Want to Know Everything”, ALGallery, St.Peterburg

  • 2008      “Electricity”, LJUDA Gallery, St.Petersburg

  •                 “The Signs of my Power”, AL Gallery, St.Petersburg

  • 2007     “The Present Continuous”, Album gallery, S-Peterburg

  • 2007     “Uberlebensraum”, gallery VIAarte, Wien

  • 2007     “Vitamin Zhe”, “Sel’skaja Zhizn” gallery, S-Peterburg

  • 2007     “Entrance-Exit”. Gallery “Am Rotten Hof”, Wien

  • 2007     “UFO”, videoinstallation, Rigina gallery,

  •                special projects, 2nd Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, Moscow                        

  • 2006     “ Gathering of  materials” “ALBUM” gallery, St.Peterburg

  • 2005     ‘'Antarctic Mission”, Arctic & Antarctic Museum, in the frame of  festival”    

  •                Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum”, St Petersburg 

  • 2005     “Artificial Resuscitation”, Navicula Artis Gallery, St Petersburg

  • 2003     “Flight to Heaven”, Planetarium, Berlin

  • 2003     “Paintings and Graphic Works”, BB Bank, Berlin

  • 2001     “LUNKI', Zveryev Art Centre, Moscow

  • 2001     “Works by Andrei Rudyev”, French Church, Berlin

  • 2001     “Paintings, Collages and other Graphic Works”, ZGG Gallery, Berlin

  • 2000     “Assemblage”, Borei Gallery, St Petersburg

  • 1997     “City Sun”, La Liberte Gallery, Paris

  • 1995     “Painting and Graphic Works”, Burg Lohra, Thuringen, German


  Selected Group Exhibitions  


  • 2020  “Not Moskow”, City Exhibition Hall “Manezh”, installation “The difficulty of identifying” “  

  • 2019  “Horizont’19, Novyi museum, St.Petersburg, installation “No matter what you do, I always   remember you”

  • 2017   project “Waterfront”, ecological festival of Danish cultural institute, “Sevkabel” factory, St,Petrsburg

  •            “Constructions and Multitudes”, 

  •             “Honeycomb”, 10th International Festival of Media Art “CYFEST”, Moscow, Exhibition and Trade Center GROUND Khodynka.

  • 2016  “ Prototipe”, Kuryokhin center, St.Petersburg

  •             V Baltic biennale, Novyi museum, St.Petersburg

  • 2015   “Signal – Art of the Present”, St. Petersburg

  •              “Picture after painting” museum of Academy of fine art, St. Petersburg

  • 2014     “Art Prospect” international public-art CEC ArtsLink festival, St. Petersburg

  •               “Another Capital”, Moskow Museum, Moskow

  • 2013      Graphic Triennial, Kaliningrad, Russia 

  •                Festival "Lawn", New Holland, St. Petersburg 

  •               "Retromutanty" Gallery of New Holland (curatorial project), St.  Petersburg 

  •               "Night of Museums", gallery "Lazarev", St. Petersburg 

  •                Exhibition nominees Kuryokhin Prize, Kuryokhin Art Center, St. Petersburg

  •                Moscow Art Fair, Moscow

  • 2012     “Retromutants” gallery “Kultproject” Moskow

  •               “Art Prospect” international public-art CEC ArtsLink festival, St. Petersburg

  •               “Kitch like a World”, Lermontov Library’s exhibition hall, St. Petersburg

  • 2011     “Superheroes Alley” project in frames public art festival “ArtBat”, Almaty, Kazahstan

  •               “Electricity III” Museum of Fine Arts, Tomsk

  •               “Black and White”, PERMM Museum, Perm’,  Russia

  • 2010     “Black and White”, gallery “Modernariat”, St.Petersburg

  • 2009     “Eto Luda”, Loft-project ”Etagi”, St.Petersburg

  •               “Russian Beauty” NCCA, Moskow

  •               “Art on Site” NCCA project,3d Moscow Biennale,NCCA, Moskow

  •               “Breaking News” Nord Art symposium, exhibition,  Budelsdorf, Germany 

  •               “Recycling” Youth Educational Centre of State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

  •               “Art-Domination”, ”Iskrasoft”, St.Petersburg

  • 2008     “Shamanizmus”, Linden-museum, Stuttgart

  •               “North-South”, exhibition 8 Peterburgers artist, Central exhibition  hall, Krasnodar

  •               “Call me and I’ll do anything you want”, installation, Nord Art  festival,  Budelsdorf,  


  •               “Export-Import”, Kunstler Museum, Kiel, Germany

  •               “Ruberoid work”, Art-Moscow, Album gallery, Moscow  

  • 2007     “Start point”, Central exhibition hall, Krasnodar

  •               “New Metal”,  project for public-art festival, Tbilisi, Georgia

  •               “The Present Continious”, installation, “Nord Art” festival,  Budelsdorf, Germany

  • 2006     “Meeting”, installation, workshop “Babilon Dream”, Anna Akhmatova museum, 


  •               “Movie for Fish”, video installation, international festival  “Gidroliz” in  historical  

               museum, Krasnoyarsk

  •               “Innovation”, competition  of National Center Contemporary Art, Moscow      

  •               “VASL exibition”, in frame of Workshop, Gadani, Pakistan 

  • 2003     "Pro Piter", Hackeshermarkt, Berlin 

  • 2001      "11", “Northern Capital” Gallery, St Petersburg

  •                "Demob (the last RG)", object for 'Brut Art - Contemporary Art in

  •                Traditional Museums', Anna Akhmatova Museum, St Petersburg

  • 2000     "Golden Pig", installation at EXPO 2000, Hannover, Germany

  •               "Period, period, comma", National Library of Russia, St.Petersburg

  • 1999     "Sinecure", Borei Gallery, St Petersburg

  • 1997     "Totem (RG-III)", 'Kunstverein Alte Feuerwache' Gallery, Dresden

  • 1996     "Border Guard Day (RGI)" and 'Envelope (RGII)', IV Biennale Spatia Nova, St Petersburg 

  • 1995     "2x3", Das Russische Feld Gallery, Berlin

  •                Nocturne Final III', Moscow-Berlin Festival, Kesselhaus der Kulturbraurei,Berlin    

  •              "Exercises", Borei Gallery, St Petersburg

  • 1994     Mixed Show, Condat Gallery, Berlin

  •               Group Exhibition, Grahl Gallery, Berlin

  • 1993     Villa Hanni, exhibition and symposium, Gohren, Germany

  • 1992-2002     Annual Exhibitions, Union of Artists, St Petersburg

  • 1991    "Fighting Elephants", Leiden, Netherlands

  •              "Fighting Elephants", Borei Gallery, St Petersburg

  •              "Science and Art", ice-breaker "Krasin" Hamburg-Copenhagen-      London-Stockholm

  • 1990     Biennale of Contemporary Art, Leningrad, USSR

  • 1989     Exhibition of students and teachers of Muchina Academy of Applied Arts, Odense, Denmark

  • 1989     "Young Artists", Leningrand, USSR

  • 1987     "Young Artists", Museum of Art, Sochi, USSR




2010-2011   Lecturer, Pro-Arte Institution, St.Petersburg


2002-2005/2016-17   ongoing Lenfilm Studio, St Petersburg, Production Designer working on contract.  Films include:  Poor Poor Pavel (Melnikov 2003), Serial (Rogozhkin 2004), The Italian (Kravchuk 2004), Don’t think about white monkey (Mamim, 2005), Carp frozen (Kott 2017), Yushka (Naranovich 2017)


1998-2002       Lecturer, Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting, Mukhina Academy of Applied Arts, St Petersburg



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